LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistakes

Common mistakes with your LinkedIn photos
LinkedIn Photo Mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid with your LinkedIn profile photo

So you have an amazing profile on LinkedIn. You have added all your previous employers, your amazing skill set and lots of contact information. You are busy building your network with people you know and influencers in your chosen industry. However, the one thing letting you down is a killer headshot for your profile. It is human nature to make assumptions about people based on what they look like. However don’t take our word for it. We surveyed over 100 HR and recruitment professionals to find whether they make assumptions based on LinkedIn Photos. You can read the surprising results from that article by clicking HERE

Believe me, I know that no one likes to be photographed and many say they would rather root canal procedure than stand in front of a camera for 2 minutes. However, don’t let this allow you to fall into one of the many LinkedIn profile photo faux pars that we commonly see. 

I thought, what better way to demonstrate why these LinkedIn photos are bad, than to try them ourselves and show you the results. So here you go…

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistake #1: The selfie

The least favourite on our list is the ever popular selfie. We have all taken them (some more than others!!!) and while they are great for posting on the likes of Instagram and Facebook or a text home to show you made it to the top of Ben Nevis, they really don’t give an impression of professionalism. The arm in frame is of course a big giveaway but most don’t have a strong understanding of how light affects a portrait as well as how to stand and even where to look. Not to mention the Kardashian Pout which seems to go hand in hand. All this along with the fact that the focal length on a mobile phone widens the face, a selfie is not going to create an amazing impression when someone googles your name. 

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistake #2: The webcam

If you have ever switched on your webcam by mistake and you suddenly see yourself at your desk in a ‘relaxed’ position, you will know just how unflattering it can be. Webcams have a very wide focal length which widens the face (adds weight). Combined with the lighting which is normally terrible and the distracting background the end result is a very bad decision for your profile image. Yes it’s quick and convenient but not the image you want the world to judge you by. 

LinkedIn Profile photo using a webcam

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistake #3: The holiday snap

It’s almost understandable why we would use our holiday snaps for our headshots. After all, after a week in the sun we feel much less stressed and have that summer glow about us. However, unless you are Judith Chalmers, having a professional headshot taken at your favourite Greek taverna probably doesn’t represent you and your brand. 

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistake #4: The ex-partner 

We see so many LinkedIn profile photos where the partner is cropped out of the photo. There is often an arm or shoulder still in the image. Whenever I look at an image like this, I get distracted and wonder what the other person looks like or what kind of night out you had and not the fact that you are a key influencer in your industry! 

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistake #5: The invisible man (or woman) 

Above all, the biggest sin in the list of what not to have as your LinkedIn profile is not having a profile image at all!!! That silhouette means that there is no connection with you whatsoever. Viewers of your profile will have no indication whatsoever about you or your personality. They will be left to create their own idea of how you come across. Should you have a name that is shared with many other (think John Smith), searchers for you may not find you as they won’t be able to identify you from the others. So even if you go for one of the options above, just make sure that you have something on there. 

My actual LinkedIn Profile Photo

As a photographer, I probably hate having my headshot taken more than most! I probably know too much about posing and ‘looking natural’ that I overthink it way too much. We often use each other as test models when we are setting up for a shoot and these can often then become the headshots that we use until the next one that we think looks okay. I totally understand why people don’t like to be photographed. Our internal monologue about all our little ‘faults’ can drive us mad. However, when we are putting ourselves on a platform to show the business world who we are and what we do, its worth the two minutes in front of the camera and a little photoshop! 

If you are looking for headshot photography across the UK, call Helen on 07810004451 or email We are always happy to answer any questions. 

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