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SEO Checklist for Photographers

Every photographer would love to rank well in Google. It can seem like a minefield with  there being over 200 ranking factors where do you start!!! We have been fortunate enough to rank well over the years for certain terms and tend to keep those terms more niche to avoid the ton of message you will get should you actually rank number 1 for “Wedding Photographer” nationally! 

We have found success in niching down and aiming for longer more focused keywords. Think more along the lines of “Wedding Photographer (Your Town / Your favourite venue)” or even go further with “Alternative Wedding Photographer (Your Town, etc.)” You will get much more focused traffic. 

To clear the fog a little, I put together the SEO Checklist for Photographers below for a Webinar I was recently invited on. Its pretty succinct but covers the main parts of SEO that, if you work with, you should see an improvement in your site rankings. 

By the way, we just discovered NitroPack which took our Page Speed score from 6 to 44 (Would have been higher if the Ludicrous setting hadn’t changed our formatting a bit). Visit for more info (not a paid plug!).    

SEO Checklist for Photographers

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