London Headshots | Sales Executive

London Headshots - Young Professionals Business Portrait
This brick wall look is actually a vinyl backdrop although looks realistic and can give a unified look throughout a company.

I recently found a new supplier that has an amazing selection of interesting and creative backdrops that we have started to introduce into our portfolio. Luckily the day they arrived, we had a shoot with Dan who booked us for his London headshots. Dan is a successful sales executive for a leading promotional merchandise company.  I know he looks young, but he is a very driven and career minded individual. I shot Dan in about 30 minutes as he had popped out during his lunch break. He wanted variety in his images so we spent just a few minutes on each look before swiftly changing the setup.

Whether we are photographing headshots in a plush office or a solopreneurs home, we want to be able to provide as many options as possible. We often use the environment that we are photographing in to create the background or many of our larger clients opt for a solid colour such as white or grey to future-proof the ‘look’. In addition to these staple options, we have over the last couple of years started to introduce pop up backgrounds that can create a more interesting look to an image while guaranteeing that we can replicate the look and feel over numerous shoots and in different locations.

London Headshots - Black Background
This black background is subtle in that it’s not totally black giving it a bit more texture

Abstract Headshot Backgrounds

As demand has increased for these more abstract backgrounds, we have looked to increase the number of options available. There are plenty on the market however many resemble 1970’s school photo backgrounds which we try to avoid. That is until they become retro and cool again! This was the first time we had used the brick backdrop. I looked at so many designs that didn’t look right and was so pleased with this one from the first frame.
London Headshots - Vibrant looking background
The final headshot background was one that we have only used once before. It almost has a rusted metal feel. It has great vibrant colours for the right client.
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  • Crazy start to the new year with shoots and training. Selections now coming in including Anna’s @annagiles_ she was in last week for new #headshots and absolutely nailed it!
  • We love this new #headshot for returning client Anisa. This is aimed more for the Indian market where she has had success before #bollywood
  • It’s the #weekend here is a shot from Elizabeth’s #headshot session.
  • Dramatic look from Chris from his recent #actorheadshot shoot at his college @officialchrisdodd
  • An amazing stare from Olivia in her recent Actor #headshots session
  • Great look from Sarah from her #headshot shoot. Such an intense look in her eyes!!!
  • Two very different looks from Joe’s @jaylayts recent #headshot shoot. You would think he looked less mean without the stubble!
  • An intense look in the eyes from Abigail @abigailydwi who had her #headshots taken with us just before Christmas

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