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Actor Interview | Jonathan Gutierrez

actor interview series | Jonathan Gutierrez

Inspired by Sylvester Stallone's Rocky story. Jonathan is forging an amazing acting career.

Jonathan came to the London studio for new Actor Headshots. He is an amazing actor developing a strong career. Enjoy this interview and actor headshots

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Jonathan – I’m Colombian (I speak Spanish), I have a cat and I love to travel.

Where did you study and do you think that a formal education in performance is essential to being successful?

I didn’t go the standard 3 years at drama school route. Though I think there is definitely a lot of value in it and there is a lot more diversity now. I found my way into the industry through part-time drama schools and felt this worked for me. I believe at the end of the day it’s down to your mindset and the work you put into what you’re passionate about.

What inspired you to be an actor / performer? Was it a person or a particular event?

I remember being in a drama class in year 8 and our teacher put on the film “Let Him Have it” and it changed the way I looked at movies forever. We studied the film almost scene by scene, needless to say if you haven’t already watch it because it will shake you. 

I knew straight after that I wanted to be involved in great story telling like this. But it wasn’t until the end of my GCSE’s after learning about Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky story that inspired me give to start being proactive about Acting by finding different schools and learning as much as I could. I had no one to really guide me but ‘Google’ really, oh and the great Actor’s Studio interviews! 

For me, it really began at Instinctual Acting a part-time acting school which I found after many hours of… that’s right! Googling !

What is the hardest role you have ever played, and why?

Gus, in Hospital Food a touching story about nine young cancer sufferers living in a hospice and the potential for escape. Gus, suffering from Neuroblastoma at the age of 17 and on the final stage acted as the rock for his friends. The role allowed me to push beyond my ‘limits’ learning more dialogue more than I ever thought possible for me and doing so much research into the character. Bringing the character to life was eye opening, inspiring and rewarding as I changed as a person for the better during this time.

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself

I like to read – crime, biographies, self help books 

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on YouTube learning lots about everything

I love going to the cinema since I get free tickets

What is your dream role and what do you think you could bring to it?

It might sound cliché but it’s like I said before, I just want to be a part of great story telling and giving everything I have to offer to that role.

Whether that’s through theatre, movies or TV. I think what is most important to me is acknowledging that I am only one piece in giant puzzle and if my contribution can help tell meaningful stories, provoke conversations and educate the world then I feel accomplished. So, if I’m lucky I’ll get to play my dream role more than once.

Do you have a job or side hustle to support your career and if so, what do you do?

I work as a cinema host at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo and as contact centre advisor taking emergency phone calls for the London Metropolitan Police

What is your greatest claim to fame?

A few months after studying at Instinctual Acting, the incredible Anna Jordan cast me in ‘Tomorrow I’ll be Happy’ as part of the National Theatre Connections 2013 – we ended up performing at the National Theatre on the opening day. Massive thanks to her for seeing potential in me and casting me in my first role ever as the antagonist role of Siddie – I was the youngest of the cast. We had fantastic feedback after our performance. We even made it to the paper that morning, got featured in magazine articles and most importantly I made my family and team very proud.

Whats next for you?

I’m working on writing a few short films I’ve had in mind for while now. Learning more about the technical aspects to film making because after all we can never stop learning and just see where this takes me and what new opportunities come along.

Jonathan Gutierrez Acting Credits: 

2019, Short Film, Tom, The Doorstep Library Charity Film, Mickey Lowe Films Ltd., Michaela Lowe
2018, Short Film, Brunette (Lead), Plains of green, Pinheirofilms, Liam Pinheiro-Rogers
2017, Short Film, Peter (Lead), Pinky Promise, Royal Holloway University, Nathan Hannawin
2017, Short Film, Tikim, Tribe: The Tale Of Han, University of Creative Arts, Ayo Sanusi
2015, Short Film, Jack Wright, A Kind Soul, Hanton Films, Tianna Banton
2019, Feature Film, Man Making A Fuss, The Bike Thief, Roman Holiday Ltd/Ugly Duckling Films, Matt Chambers
2019, Film, Logan (Lead), Freudian Slip, RAaW Films, Robbi Stevens
2019, Stage, Aiden, The Chaos Theory, RAaW London, The Vaults Theatre, Robbi Stevens
2015, Stage, Gus, Hospital Food, Lost Youth Theatre, Jack Bowman
2013, Stage, Siddie, Tomorrow I’ll Be Happy, National Theatre, Anna Jordan
2019, Commercial, Soccer Player, Tommy Hilfiger, All Day Every Day, Matt Baron
2020, Web Series, Wayne, Urban Darkness, Sync Films, Leo Baker

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