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How Often Should I Update My Actor Headshots?

Actor headshots should be updated when you have physically changed so much that you don’t look like your old headshots anymore. Whether it’s a change of hairstyle, lifestyle or hitting puberty, If you don’t look like your actor headshots, it’s time for a change. 

Now, the longer answer…..

How often should I update my actor headshots

Your Actor Headshots on platforms such as Spotlight, Backstage, Mandy, etc.  need to be a true representation of who you are and what you look like right now. The only real deviation from this is if you can quickly look like your headshot for instance if you shave off a beard to look like your online images.

How often should Child Actors update their headshots?

Children and teenagers generally change and grow pretty much non stop. As parents, we don’t always notice until we look at an image sometimes only taken a few months ago and we realise how much they have changed.

Child actors should look at updating their headshots at least annually. If they are younger than 6 or heading into teenage years, you may want to increase the frequency as changes can happen very quickly. Height can change quickly so always aim to get a full body headshot for any child or young actor.

For those lucky enough to be teenagers, just keep an eye on how puberty is having an effect. If he can suddenly grow a beard, it’s worth rebooking for updates.

All this can seem like an expensive endeavour so find a photographer that will offer cost effective updates for returning clients or like us, that just charges per image. The possibility of shelling out potentially hundreds of pounds every time can be off-putting but there are cost effective solutions to be had.

How often should adult actors update their headshots?

Unless you make a dramatic change to your look, as an adult actor, you need only update your headshots every 18-24 months. As change slows down from our early 20’s we shouldn’t see a dramatic change unless it’s something that you influence such as changing hair colour, etc.

How often should I update my actor headshots 2

Factors that would require you to update your headshots early.

Hairstyle or Beard change.
If you change your hair dramatically or you grow a beard or even a moustache, get some updated headshots to show this different look.

On Spotlight, you can have a number of images so you can show headshots with long AND short hair or with and without that perfectly waxed handlebar moustache!

Weight gain or loss.
Many saw Covid and lockdown as a chance to get healthy and change their lifestyle and ultimately their body shape. Many others of course relaxed their eating habits. Either way, if you have changed physically, you should get updated headshots. Casting directors want to see the person they choose from the headshots coming to a casting or submitting a self tape.

Other physical changes

Finally had your braces or Invisalign off and now have that Hollywood smile? Or have you magically regained all your hair? Now would be a great time to update your headshots! 

If you have a strong character image and go for new piercings, a neck tattoo or any other modifications then definitely update your headshots.

In general, unless you make a change to your appearance, an adult actor need only worry about new headshots every one to two years. In the meantime, you will know if you no longer look like your headshots and it’s time to call a photographer.


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How often should I update my actor headshots? – By Sean Gannon – Updated March 2022

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