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We photograph corporate headshots for clients across the UK. From solo professionals through to multi location large companies. Whether at your offices, an event or at our London / Bristol studios, we can create business headshots for use online and in print. For more information, call Helen on 07810 004451 or email us on hello@lumosia.co.uk 

Choosing which background you would like depends upon personal preference, the style of your website, the industry you’re in and what you need them for. The white background headshots have a pure white background so on a white website they are seamless. The grey background can alter depending on the settings in camera and the amount of ambient light. With environmental backgrounds the possibilities are endless. We can use outside, your office or anything else as a background. We can also insert a background image if not everyone can be available on the same day. Read here to find out about replacing headshot backgrounds.


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If you have any questions or would like information on our professional photoshoots, feel free to call Helen on 07810 004451 or email hello@lumosia.com

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