Drama School Actor Headshots

Drama School Actor Headshots
Drama School Actor Headshots
Drama School Actor Headshots
Drama School Actor Headshots
Drama School Actor Headshots
drama school Actor headshots

32 Actors photographed in 2 days!

It was great to be back at New College Lanarkshire for the second time to photograph actor headshots for the students. This year we shot over two days in two different locations. Everyone at the college was so welcoming and even a power cut in the morning didn’t upset things too much. We ran sessions every thirty minutes and aimed to get as many different looks as possible without the session feeling rushed. It’s amazing just how many looks you can achieve in 30 minutes as the collection of images from Zara’s session below proves.

We now photograph at a number of Drama Schools throughout the UK and its always great to meet up and coming performers that are dedicated to creating an exciting career as a dancer, singer, actor or all three! Many of the students had not had professional actor headshots taken before so we aimed to help them as much as possible with lots of information beforehand on how to prepare and then lots of direction (and distraction) during the shoot itself.

Behind the scenes

Drama School Actor Headshots 16

On both days we were given lots of space to set up the different looks that we wanted to create. Despite being a photographer for years, I am still amazed at what we can achieve in any space. All we had to do was move a few desks and we had 3-4 different looks to give everyone variety.

Actor Headshots behind the scenes

The final images

After the shoot, we sent every performer their own gallery for them to choose their images which we then edited for them. It was great to see the range of actor headshots and the personalities coming through. It’s great to think that these images will be used to help start the careers of so many talented actors, singers and dancers! 

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