Commercial Photographer Bristol

Commercial Photographer Bristol

Commercial Photography for marketing and branding 

Gatha Box are a Bristol based company started by two mums who offer a ‘party in a box’ solution for busy parents. Their Gatha boxes include everything you need for an amazing party for young and older children. From party games through to the cups needed for drinks. Everything is included and delivered to your door. Best of all, there is little washing up and the products are all Eco-Friendly. 

Verity and Anna contacted us to create a range of commercial photography images to use throughout their business. The aim was to create images for their website, social media as well as press releases and marketing materials. We aimed to capture the entire process from the online ordering through the the box arriving, the children enjoying the games and the custom food packaging.  

Commercial Photographer Bristol
Commercial Photographer Bristol
Commercial Photographer Bristol
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Box being delivered
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Children opening box

For their commercial photographs, we worked closely with them to storyboard the images required. From the parent ordering one of the Gatha Boxes through to delivery, the playing of the included games and children eating party food using the included food and drink containers. They have worked hard to create a simple solution and we aimed to outline this across the gallery. 

Commercial Photographer Bristol | Directors of Gatha putting boxes together
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Gatha goodies

Clifton Professional Photographer

For the commercial photography shoot, Anna’s house in Clifton, Bristol was perfect. We shot over two days. One to outline the products including the bags, games, cups and plates, etc. The second shoot was the party which included various young models and friends’ children that were employed for the day. 

Commercial Photographer Bristol | Children reading game instrustions
Commercial Photographer Bristol
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Teenagers playing games
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Children jumping
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Boy jumping
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Girl Jumping

Photographing Children and Products

We wanted to capture that the games included would keep children of all ages busy and happy. From the tweens doing treasure hunts and challenges to the younger children doing jump challenges (yes they are supposed to be blurry to show movement). 

Commercial Photographer Bristol | Young boys creating art
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Birthday Party
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Older children playing
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Young children playing

Professional Photos for Instagram and Social Media

Gatha are going to use the range of commercial photography images that we created for them on their website, social media as well as on a wide range of publications and press releases. We aimed to create as many commercial images as possible so they can issue images on Instagram  for months without the need for an additional photo shoot. 

Commercial Photographer Bristol | Photo of menu
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Party Food
Commercial Photographer Bristol | Birthday Cake

Capturing the fun and excitement was obviously a large part of this commercial photo shoot but it was also essential to showcase all that the Gatha Box includes. At the end of of the party, you should be able to just put as much in recycling or the compost bin as possible and restore normality! 

Check out more about Gatha Box on their website:

Commercial Photographer Bristol
Commercial Photographer Bristol

Commercial Photographer Bristol

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We are always happy to help with any questions. 


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