Child Actor Headshots

Child Actor Headshots

Only pay for the headshots you love!

Child actors and young performers are amazing to work with. They have such confidence and personality and have also often been in more productions than actors 5 times their age! We photograph child actors in all three locations (London, Bristol and Birmingham) and for convenience, also offer after school and weekend sessions. 

Even if you are new to the industry and just starting to try and get castings, you know how competitive everything is. Casting directors get to see hundreds if not thousands of young actors on sites like Spotlight on a daily basis. Having great headshots that convey your child’s personality, confidence, etc will certainly help to get them noticed. We have photographed hundreds of new child actors and work to get the best out of them and create impactful child actor headshots.   

If your child is easily distracted or looses interest we have lots of games and ways of keeping their interest. The 1 hour session is also enough time to allow for them to take a short break to run around and let off steam if they need to. 

Any questions? Call Helen or Sean on 07810 004451 or email 

How it Works - Headshots for Children


Book your shoot in London, Bristol or Birmingham at a time and date that works for you. The shoot and your first edited headshot is included in your deposit.


Come in for a headshot shoot with lots of variety, no pressure and as much help as you need. We play lots of games, chat lots and take a few photographs along the way.


Choose and buy your images from your own private gallery. Share them with your agent / friends to get their opinions.


Download your edited headshots in high and low resolution. Ready for Spotlight, Social Media and your agents website.

Child Actor Headshot Pricing

We know just how fast our children grow and change! Our own two seem to be constantly growing (despite us telling them not to!). We believe our “Buy What You Love” pricing is perfect for child actors as you have a cost effective solution where you can get a studio session and an updated headshot from just £30! 

Any questions? Call Helen or Sean on 07810 004451 or email

Buy What You Love

£ 30
  • One hour headshot session in the studio
  • 1 fully edited image in high and low resolution included
  • Great for Adult and Child actors
  • As many looks as possible (typically 5-6)
  • Extra Edited Images: 5 for £120, 10 for £190, 20 for £250
  • Headshots, 3/4 and full body shots available
  • London (Chiswick), Bristol (Portishead) & Birmingham
  • Other major cities available on specific dates
  • Choose from your own online gallery

As parents ourselves, we know what it’s like to have performing kids and how important it is to have great headshots that help them to stand out in a super saturated market! Whether this is the first or 99th shoot you have done for your young one, we are always happy to help with any questions.  

Every actor is different and that is never more true with young actors. Every shoot is guided by their personalities with no pressure and nothing forced. We hope the shoots are fun and fast moving with music in the background. Helen says that I (Sean) never grew up so I have no problem in shouting “BANANA’s” with a 4 year old, discussing Fortnite with a tween or getting deep on trainer choices with a teenager.

With every young actors shoot, we get as much variety as possible. In addition to head and shoulder shots, we will also capture some three quarters and full length as some casting directors want to see them.  

As we only ever charge for the images that you love, we hope that getting regular updates is more cost effective. Despite us telling them not to, our children keep growing and changing. Headshots should at least try to keep up with what they look like. You can come in for a session and one image from as low as £30!!!

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Child Actor Headshot Tips

Help for preparing for your child’s headshot shoot

Here are some great tips for getting the most from your son or daughters headshot shoot:

  • Take away the pressure!: A happy and relaxed child will be much more likely to enjoy the shoot and create better headshots. Don’t build up the shoot too much beforehand. You are simply off to see Sean for a few photos.
  • Don’t demonise the photographer and don’t tell them they need to be on best behaviour, this should be fun for them!! 
  • Pop to Primark: Logo’s and busy patterns can clash and distract in a headshot. Most kids don’t have any tops without logo’s. Primark is great for classic t-shirts without logos for very little money. Go for rich muted colours like deep greens, browns, etc. Also, layers are great in headshots too!
  • Bring a hairbrush: For boys and girls, hair can be changed / tamed throughout the shoot to give different looks.
  • Prep for full body: There is a good chance we will be shooting full body shots. They may want to wear joggers and old trainers but make sure you have a couple of full outfits to get that range in the session.
  • Reward after the shoot: Have a nice reward for doing well after the shoot. Little rewards throughout can be distracting (M&M’s turn their teeth brown for instance!!).

Child Actor Headshots London, Bristol, Birmingham

Dedicated studios in London (Chiswick), Bristol (Portishead) and Birmingham. Our studios allow us to create a variety of styles in a short time.

Buy The Images You Love | Unique Pricing

No more paying in advance!!! Have a shoot and decide later on what images you feel best represent you and your career

Drama Schools and Group Shoots

Drama Schools and Groups, we come to you! If you can get 6 or more people together we may be able to photograph somewhere convenient for you

Actor Headshot Photographer | Behind the Scenes

Watch behind the scenes of Louis or Alyson’s actor headshot session. I know it can be nerve wracking to come for a headshot session so I created these videos so you can see what happens at a typical session and the results that I get! 

Our Studios

We love our headshots studios! We have created dedicated spaces for actor headshots. We are obsessed with finding new looks and creating light that will make your headshots stand out (for the right reasons). The Chiswick studio is near two tube lines, tons of buses and there is even parking! 

In Bristol we photograph at our home studio which is in Portishead (just outside of the city and by the m5). There are buses from Bristol and tons of parking. In Birmingham, we use a great large studio in the Jewellery Quarter. 


Most frequent questions and answers (Please contact us if there's anything else you'd like to know)

There isn’t one. Quite simply I don’t think you should pay before seeing your headshots. If you were booking a family photo session you wouldn’t buy the images before seeing them so why should headshots be any different. 

Of course. Whether you buy 1 or 20 images from your session it’s completely up to you. I get lots of people coming to me because they’ve had a new haircut, want images with a beard or try a different look. I will work with you to create the looks from the session that you want and lots more. 

Individual images are £30, 5 images are £120, 10 images are £190 and 20 images are £250. You can also get B&W versions of all the images you order for a total of £10

My studios are set up so that we can switch looks quickly. This means that during most sessions I can create between 4-6 different looks. I also advise you to bring lots of changes of clothes which greatly adds to the variety we can create. Here’s a link to an article on our blog about what to bring

Your gallery will be online by the Friday after your session at the latest. You will get an email from me with a link and password where you can see and choose the images you want to buy. The images online are unedited but of course I will edit the images you purchase. Typical editing is removing of blemishes, etc. However, if you have specific editing requests, do put them in the notes.

Unless you have paid to express your edits, you will receive your edits by the Friday after your order at the latest. I edit everything myself and aim to get orders out as soon as possible. If its a crazy busy week, it will be on the Friday otherwise as soon as I can. 

If you would like session that is longer than 1 hour simply book 2 consecutive sessions. That way if you would like to shave, have time to style your hair or simply have more time to relax into the session then you have enough time. 

Images from the session will be put into 2 separate galleries to make the bundles the same as for people booking single sessions.

We have three photo studios. One is in London (Chiswick) which is very close to the District line, lots of bus routes and there is parking close by.

My home studio is just outside Bristol in Portishead. We have actors come from all over the South West and Wales. We are serviced by buses from Bristol and there is free parking nearby.  

The newest studio is in the centre of Birmingham in the creative Jewellery Quarter. 


Having headshots photographed as part of an acting, musical theatre or dance course is an important element of preparing you for life after college. If there are 6 or more of you who need headshots we would be happy to come and photograph at a location that’s convenient for you. Please call me on 07810 004451 to find out more.

Your final images are available t download in high resolution and low resolution. The high resolution (6720 × 4480 pixels) are great for printing but normally too big for uploading onto websites like Spotlight. The low resolution images are created to have maximum impact online. If you have ever uploaded images to Facebook, you may have noticed your images look wash out and a bit less sharp. My web resolution images are optimised to keep their sharpness and colour. 

For siblings we recommend you book separate sessions for each of them. During the sessions we will photograph headshots of your children on their own and with their sibling. 

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If you have any questions, you can always call us on 07810 004451. We photograph in London (Chiswick), Bristol (Portishead) and Birmingham, as well as on location. 

London Actor Headshots Studio: The Barley Mow Centre, 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH

Bristol Actor Headshots Studio: 19 Martingale Way, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7AW

Birmingham Actor Headshots Studio: The Lampworks, 3 Key Hill Drive, Birmingham B18 5NY

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