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Child Actor Headshots for Mack and Mabel

Child Actor Headshots for agency Mack & Mabel

Child Actor Headshots for Mack and Mabel Talent Agency

Full day photographing young actors at their Dunstable base. 

What a day for my first actor headshot shoot after lockdown!

After three months of not shooting, it was the best possible start to photograph the young talent at Mack and Mabel. A relatively young agency based at the PAD Studios in Dunstable, they specialise in talent up to 18 years old for Film, TV,  Theatre as well as modelling. 

I am always blown away by young actors. So many are confident in any situation and you can see that they are built for a career on the stage. Every young actor I photographed that day had a great personality and you can see a lot of them doing very well. We also had a number of siblings which can always be great for castings. 

As with any headshot shoot, I wanted to give them as much variety as possible Even with just 20 minutes per session, I had built a number of backgrounds and we typically got 4 or more different looks for each young actor. 

Child Actor Headshots Mack and Mabel
Behind the scenes at the headshot shoot. In addition to the backgrounds I brought, you can see I used the large mirror on wheels to create a unique background reflecting the outside space.

Mack and Mabel now have a new range of actor headshots to distribute to casting directors across the UK. As filming and hopefully theatre productions start happening again, hopefully we will start to see these faces on our screens and on stage! If you would like to find out more about Mack and Mabel Agency, visit them at 

If you are an agency or parent of a child actor and looking for new actor headshots, please contact me on 07903 798 755 or fill in the contact form on the contact page.

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