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Best Actor Podcasts 2023

With the explosion of podcasts over the last few years, there have been so many podcasts aimed at every niche possible. Thankfully, actors are now very well served with many industry professionals taking to the microphone and sharing their knowledge.

It can, of course be a lonely existence being an actor so it’s nice to know that you are not the only one striving to make a career and that others are going through the same stress and struggles. Many of the podcast’s aimed at actors are interview based and its great to know that there are others out there experiencing the same ups and downs!

Here is our favourite list of the best actor podcasts 2021. If you know any more that you love, leave some info in the comments below!

The Irrelevant Actor with Amy Worthington​

The Irrelevant Actor

Amy is lovely, we met her a couple of years ago and shot her headshots. At the time, she was just getting going with her podcast The Irrelevant Actor. It has now gone on to be a regular favourite on many must listen lists for actors and performers.

It’s an interview format podcast and Amy has a great way of helping her guests relax and open up about their experiences in the industry. Like many of our clients, Amy is fairly new to the industry having graduated a couple of years ago. This gives her the same perspective as so many trying to make it in the industry.

Act On This with Ross Grant​

You may well have come across Act On This and Ross Grant before. He is super proactive with his website and social media. Ross creates so much informative content for actors through interviews with a wide range of high level industry professionals including Casting Directors, Creators, writers and actors to give an amazing insight into the industry.

His website is on a subscription basis but you can get the podcast for free. He really aims to give you the skills and tools to progress as an actor. We’ve just listened to his goal setting episode which is something that many creatives struggle with.  

The Honest Actors Podcast with Jonathan Harden


This is a great interview style podcast with a wide range of working actors. Jonathan is a great interviewer and we really get an insight into other performers experiences including the highs and the lows. He and his guests are very open about what it takes to make it in the industry especially over the last year!

It’s a great podcast for any actor and performer and there is 4 series worth of episodes to work through giving you hours of entertainment. There is no sponsor on the podcast so if you love the show, buy Jonathan a drink here:

David Tennant Does a Podcast

Ever wanted to go to the pub with David Tennant and another super interesting person? Well this is as close as many of us will get. From Billie Piper to Gordon Brown, there is an amazing selection of guests on this podcast that is now just finished its second season. It’s funny, relaxed and insightful for anyone that listens, not just actors and performers.  

The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper

Side_Hustle_Show Nick Loper

Following on from our recent articles about great side hustles for actors, here is our favourite side hustle podcast with hundreds more potential side jobs to keep you going. Every week Nick Loper interviews someone that has taken a great idea that has created income as a side job. There are tons of old episodes and innovative ideas that often cost very little to start.

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