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Actor Interview | Ozzy Chetin

Ozzy Chetin London Actor
actor interview series | Ozzy Chetin

From Istanbul to London, Ozzy has big dreams for his acting career.

Studying at Identity in London, Ozzy has a dream of making it big as an actor of both stage a screen. 

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Tell us a little about yourself

I am a 35 year-old Turkish born male, ethnically mixed by five countries. I moved to UK in 2016, been living in London since 2019. I am vegan and a sportsman.

Where did you study and do you think that a formal education in performance is essential to being successful?

I had an acting training at a theatre in Istanbul for about a year before moving to UK, had acting courses in Manchester for a year and now in London, been studying at Identity School of Acting since January 2020, which is a part-time although quite an intense acting school, focuses on both stage and screen. I do believe that a formal education in performance is definitely essential to being successful in show business.

Regardless how talented a person is, without building one’s craft to the perfection and knowing how to stretch it through different dimensions, one would not be able to seize a real success. Shortcuts do not count and the success came that way is destined to disappear like soap foam.

Headshot Photographer London | Ozzy Chetin

What inspired you to be an actor / performer? Was it a person or a particular event?

There are a few successful people at the show business in my family in Turkey. Since my childhood I have been getting involved in film and TV industry on and off as a crew or performer. Kind of growing up within the industry and being in this environment inspired me to be a performer. It is that strong, even though I tried to be away from it and got a BA degree on Tourism and Hotel Management, I found myself left everything behind at the age of 33 and fully focused on a professional performing career!

What is the hardest role you have ever played, and why?

It was one of the first student short films I was a lead actor at, a remake raping scene from a 90s feature film ‘Thelma & Louis’. I was playing Harlan the raper. As I am really against rapers, I mean seriously, I cannot even stand the thought of it, this role really made me struggle. It was a big level up, the first step of a deeper understanding of what is performing actually meant.


DJ & World Traveller

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself

I am a psytrance DJ and events organiser

I worked on cruise ships for 4 years, visited over 50 countries and 450 cities

I wrote the first BA graduation thesis of Turkey about the ‘Space Tourism’ in 2007

What is your dream role and what do you think you could bring to it?

One day, I would like to perform at a massive feature film as a lead actor who saves the world from all aspects of it’s current situation. Should involve a bit of sci-fi as I am really all into it, however that would not be the main focus of the film. More realistic the better. I strongly want to be an important part of humanity’s global improvement in real life, in fact, me being passionate about being a successful performer might be the reason of that effort deep inside. We all like to watch story tellers and we really get effected by what we see.

Do you have a job or side hustle to support your career and if so, what do you do?

I do not have any other jobs. I do acting, modelling, role-playing, extra work; host pub quizzes and entertain kids, basically I perform for living.

Whats next for you?

Finishing the acting school, getting into an acting agency and joining a professional theatre group in London.

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