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Actress, Podcaster and Indian Disney Star! Anisa Butt

Anisa has now been to see us for three sets of Actor Headshots from us. The most recent has been targeted towards the Indian market. Here is a great interview with this multi talented actress and podcaster. 

Actress and podcaster Anisa Butt

Tell us a little about yourself

Other than an actor, I am a fiercely passionate, spirited human being. I am also a podcast host of @unplugwithani. I absolutely love people and like to think of myself as a work in progress.

Where did you study and do you think that a formal education in performance is essential to being successful?

Queen Mary’s University of London. I did the BA in drama /performance. I felt torn between traditional drama school training and the degree. Nonetheless I was fortunate to train outside of school through other intensive courses, and fringe theatre. I feel the best preparation is always doing the actual work. Nothing quite beats that. None the less formal training equips you with wonderful ground work, off which you can keep building.

What inspired you to be an actor / performer? Was it a person or a particular event?

I remember just absolutely loving my drama classes and participating in school plays, even though I was petrified of putting myself “out there.” Because of my drive and desire to pursue it I felt I needed to start, which propelled me to keep doing this. I am always inspired by watching other wonderful actors work as well. I clearly remember a friend post one drama class also saying my improvisation was great, and I would make a great actor, which somewhere gave me a little push. I definitely always knew I had to pursue something creative.

What is the hardest role you have ever played, and why?

I don’t think I have honestly had the opportunity to play it yet. One of them nonetheless was juggling multiple characters in a play called “confusions” by Alan ayckbourne. Just because I had to also play a man in this! More recently I did a role in a webseries out in India, where my character has lost her to be fiance, which was emotionally challenging.

Headshot Photography for Anisa Butt

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself

I taught some dance while at University, and danced for a company for two years doing stage shows.

I am a sucker for fries!

My name means friendly in Arabic!

What is your dream role and what do you think you could bring to it?

I would absolutely love to get an opportunity to play a role like Rosamind Pike’s character in “Gone girl.” I find complex characters very interesting. And the process to build that character is what I really find attractive and inspiring . If a role scared me I would like to think it’s a good sign!

Do you have a job or side hustle to support your career and if so, what do you do?

I do sometimes do brand ambassador work to support the work I am doing as an actor. I think it’s important for actors to not stop working and also “live.” It helps your work immensely and provides wonderful real life inspiration for your work.

What is your greatest claim to fame?

I was the lead female in a Disney India show called “ishaan” which did incredibly well ok Disney India tv. We did a city tour and also had to shirts produced. Was a lot of fun!

Whats next for you?

World domination! Haha! I would love to think! Great work opportunities which open the door to the roles I would love to play I pray!

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