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We know it can be nerve-racking as an actor having your new headshots taken. No matter how confident a performer you are, the thought of being in the studio and having the camera point at you with no character to play or any lines to deliver can be a scary thought! We photograph hundreds of actors per year and love the feedback we get about how relaxing and hopefully fun the sessions are. We recently filmed a few sessions and here is the first behind the scenes video for Alyson’s shoot. 

She has just arrived in the UK and wanted to get a range of actor headshots to launch her UK acting career. We had never met before so it was just like any actor headshot session. Below is the behind the scenes video. Its about 12 minutes long (including the multiple times I struggled to speak simple english!). It shows how we help with choosing clothes and how I direct you to getting actor headshots that will help you to stand out. We have also posted some of the headshots that we took during the session. If you have any questions, call Sean or Helen on 07810 004451 and we will be happy to help. 

Below is a range of images that we captured throughout Alyson’s one hour headshot session in the studio. 

You can connect with Alyson on the links below:  

Website | Twitter | Instagram | IMDB

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  • Last #headshot from Ivelina from her #photoshoot in our London studio #actorheadshots
  • Second #headshot from Ivelina’s #photoshoot. Thinking police / undercover cop role with these! #actor #actorslife🎬
  • Full body shot of Ivelina who came in for her first set of #headshots before the #lockdown #actor #actress #actorheadshots
  • Last #headshots from Filippa @filippa.kaye showing two very different character types! #headshots #actor #blackwidow
  • Second headshot from Filippa. There is a definite story in her eyes! #actor #actorheadshots @filippa.kaye
  • The lovely Filippa Kaye @filippa.kaye who you can see in Bulletproof 2 on Sky at the moment in a smiley new #headshot #actorsheadshots #actor
  • Last #headshot from Payal for now. #actress #actor #actorsheadshots #headshotphotographer #headshotsession #headshotphotography
  • #headshot number 2 from Paula with the moody look! #actorsheadshots #actor

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