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We want every actor to have access to great headshots at an amazing price! In our London, Bristol, and Birmingham studios, we offer our “Buy What You Love” sessions where you only pay for the headshots you love. We are so proud that we have over 250 five-star reviews on Google. 

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Seán Gannon


“Amazing headshot session with Seán at Lumosia – Friendly, professional, and the shots were exactly what I needed..” 

Laura Jean Marsh. Actor, Model, and Singer


We have now moved into our new Central Bristol Headshot studio!!! Now on Park Row BS1

actor headshots in three easy steps

how it works

Our studio actor headshots are super straight forward and best of all, you only pay for the images you love! 


Book your Shoot

Book actor headshots in our London, Bristol, or Birmingham studios through our online system. We will email you all the directions and help sheets.


Come for your shoot

We aim to make our headshot photography shoots fun, creative, without any pressure, and with all the help you need.


Choose your images

Choose the actor headshots you want to buy from your online gallery. We will edit your choices and have them ready to promote you to the world!

Actor Headshot Photographer

Actor Headshots Pricing

No pressure or paying for something you haven’t seen. Simply choose your headshots from your private online gallery after the shoot.

Single, fully edited images are just £30 each, five are £120, ten are £190 and further discounts are available if you want more.

Our 250+ Five Star Google Reviews prove that there really is no catch.

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Buy What You Love


Per Image (Discounts for more)

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Why Choose us for your new actor headshots

We are dedicated to offering actors, dancers, and performers the best headshots at the best prices. No one should have to settle when it comes to their headshots! 

Dedicated Studios

We have actor headshot studios in London, Bristol, or Birmingham with amazing backdrops, lighting and world class cameras.

Natural Editing

Our natural actor headshot editing ensures your actor headshots still look like you albeit on your best day!

Unique Pricing

No paying for your Headshot Photography in advance! With us, you only pay for the images you love!

No minimum spend!

Changed your look and only want one new actor headshot? No problem! Buy as many or as few as you like.

articles and shoots

check out our blog

From useful articles about how to make money on the side as a performer, to interviews with actors we have met and photographed. We hope our blog is interesting and informative.  

Ready for some new impactful actor headshots?

We are always happy to help with any questions about actor headshots, dance photography, or agent and drama school shoots. Call us on 07810 004451 or email hello@lumosia.com


We are so proud of our 250+ Five Star Google reviews

Get in touch

If you have any questions about actor headshots, you can always call us on 07810 004451. We photograph in London (Chiswick), Central Bristol, Birmingham, and across the UK. 

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what we offer

studio shoots

Actor Headshot Photography in our studios in London, Bristol, and Birmingham 


Check our reviews


Bristol, London, Birmingham, UK Wide


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Cost Effective

Pay for what you love

actor headshots in a warm studio

Photographing actor headshots in a studio gives us so much flexibility with backgrounds and lighting. Plus, we are not fighting the wind, rain or even the sunshine to create amazing headshots for you and your career. 

drama schools

Actor Headshots Photography at your College or Drama School


We come to you!


UK Wide

To Book

Call 07810 004451 or Email hello@lumosia.com

Cost Effective

Pay for what you love

actor headshots at your location

We work with drama schools, colleges, dance schools, etc. all over the UK. We bring everything we need to create a wide range of headshots. Best of all, you only pay for the headshots you love. 

young actors

Child Headshot Photography at our studio, agency or drama club


We love working with young actors


Studio or Location

To Book

Call 07810 004451 or click the book now button in the menu

Cost Effective

Pay for what you love

child headshot photography

We love meeting and photographing actor headshots for young performers. We aim to make the shoots fun and without pressure while getting a great range for castings. Either in our studios or we can come to your agency or school for a photo day. 

dance photography

Action and Headshot Photography for Dancers

For Dancers

Headshots and Action Shots


Studio or on location

To Book

Call 07810 004451 or email hello@lumosia.com

Cost Effective

Great range of packages

Dance Photographer

We offer headshot, action and performance photography for the professional, student, and young dancers in various locations. For individuals and for schools we have a great range of services available.  


Even for the most seasoned actor, we know that having new actor headshots taken can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may have lots of questions about preparing, what to do with your hair, how long until you get your photos, etc. To help, we have put together a ton of information that hopefully helps answer all your questions. Of course, if you have any more, email us at hello@lumosia.com

We know it may sound too good to be true, but we honestly believe that great quality actor headshots should be available for all actors and performers. Unlike other actor headshot photographers that will photograph one to two actors per day, we photograph more. This allows us to offer you great actor headshots at the prices we do.

You can simply have the shoot and first edited actor headshot for £30. We create a wide range of headshots in every session, so you will have plenty to choose from.

Of course, we would love you to buy more photos but these are reasonably prices with discounts for buying 4 or more. But there really is no pressure to buy.

When you book your headshot session through our website (Click Book Now from our menu above), you will pay a £30 deposit to secure your shoot. That £30 will then be redeemable against any purchases when you buy your final selection. You will get a coupon code to enter at checkout (like on Amazon)

To book an actor headshot session please visit this link: 

Click Here to Book online

Once you book, you will receive an email with a confirmation, directions, and details of what to bring and how to prepare. 

We love photographing Child Actor Headshots! We have a dedicated page on the website (Click HERE) dedicated to what we do and how we photograph young and child actors.

We offer the same one-hour sessions so young actors can either use the whole hour or take a small break in the middle to burn off some steam! As many child actors are in school, we also have Saturday and after school availability. Click Book Now above to check availability.

Click Here to Book Online

We aim to get your unedited images online and to you as soon as possible. It's typically between 2-3 days but can be a bit quicker depending on workload. You will get an email to your private gallery and instructions on creating favourite lists and buying your images. 

Yes, we can. In many of our shoots, we will include ¾ and full body shots if you like. Remember to bring a complete outfit. 

We have a list of great hair and makeup artists in London and Bristol. Just email us at hello@lumosia.com, and we will send over the right list for you. 

We recommend that you have your hair and makeup done off-site as we have limited room in the studios. Most makeup artists will have space where they can offer this.

UK actor headshots are typically shot in portrait orientation. However, if we think the image will look good in landscape, we will often create two versions in different orientations. Actor headshots in the US are often photographed in landscape

We love to give you a great variety in your actor headshots. The looks and backgrounds change all the time. If you look at our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wearelumosia/you will see the latest looks that we have created.

They really do change all the time. We typically decide on the looks during the shoot to compliment your skin tone, wardrobe choices, etc. 

Of course, you can. We love your input. If you have seen images on our portfolio here or our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wearelumosia/ that you would like to recreate, just let us know. It's best to email screenshots of your favourite images before the session.

Our London headshot studio is in Chiswick. We are very close to The High Street and close to both Turnham Green and Chiswick Park Tube Stations. There is also lots of buses and even parking (Use the Pay By Phone app for ease) 

The Barley Mow Centre, 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH

Group actor headshots sessions are great fun. We typically say that 4 is the right number before it descends into chaos! However, we can always do numerous shoots if there are lots of you.

In fact, if you have a drama group, school, etc., just let us know and often, we can come to you and arrange a headshot day or two.

Absolutely. Our actor headshots are designed to help you stand out on these and other actor websites. Your final images can be downloaded in high resolution for printing and lower resolution (still excellent quality) for posting online.

Please post them anywhere you can. These are typically the first impression new people have of you. Share away on social media too! (tag us in @wearelumosia) 

We will always work with you to help if plans change. You can change your shoot time and date through a link in your confirmation email, or you can cancel altogether (up to 48 hours before the shoot) and receive a full refund. 

We will always aim to get you a range of different looks, including giving you the chance to change your hair. You know your hair best, so have a few ideas of what you can do with it. By all means, bring straighteners, products, etc., to help you get a great range of looks.  

We recommend that for the few days before the session, you live as healthily as possible! Lots of water, lots of sleep, no alcohol, eat lots of fruit and veg, etc.

You would be amazed what a few days of living clean can do. Of course, we can help in the editing should your skin not play ball! 

Of course, it’s a great way to get some very different looks. It may be worth considering booking a 2 hour session to make sure you're not rushed.

We typically aim to get you to shave about halfway through and on average, takes about 10 minutes, so we do lose some time there but make up for it with the variety in your looks.

If you have sensitive skin, it may be worth booking a second session when you have had more time to shave, and your skin can recover a bit. 

Please do! It’s great to have some support and a familiar face for your shoot. Plus you can go out for dinner or drinks afterward!! 

We love discovering new music. The studios always have some upbeat music playing in the background and are more than happy if you have a playlist or artist, you would like to listen to. Music can really help people to enjoy a shoot. 

Yes, every image you order is fully retouched naturally like the images on this site. We want the photos to look like you when you go into a casting. We will, of course, remove any blemishes, redness, etc. 

We aim to get you your fully edited images to you as soon as possible. Unless you have paid to have your edits expressed, your pictures will be edited in the sequence that we receive the orders.

You will typically receive your final edits within five working days of your order.

Our online booking and ordering systems accept a wide range of credit and debit cards. There is no need to bring cash with you to your headshot shoot. 

For adults, assuming you have not changed your look dramatically, you should update your actor headshots about every two years. Of course, if you change your hair colour, grow a beard, etc., then certainly get new headshots that show your new look.

For young actors, it depends on age, growth spurts, etc. Every 6-12 months is a good idea for younger child actors, or for tweens and teens, every year.

It can be a challenge to look at images of yourself and choose the best ones. We are more than happy to help you select your best photos. The best thing to do is narrow the selection down to a broader range, and we can certainly help from there. 

When your images are edited, you can download them in a variety of sizes. Full-resolution images are huge and great for printing (8000px on the longest side!!).

You also have the option of downloading web resolution images (1024px on the longest side), which are great for posting online on sites such as Spotlight, Mandy, etc. 

It’s a great idea to back up your final images in a few places. Google Drive, DropBox, etc., are great places to store your images securely. However, if the worst happens, just contact us. We don’t keep the unedited versions but should have your final actor headshots for at least a couple of years after your shoot. 

Single images are just £30. These are fully edited to the same standard as you see on our website and our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wearelumosia/

1 Edited image – £30

5 Edited images – £120

10 Edited images – £190

20 Edited images – £260

All your edited images in Black and White for just £20

We photograph actor headshots in London, Bristol, and Birmingham on regular days as well as ad-hoc dates in various cities. Plus, we also shoot on certain Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month. The best place to check availability is by clicking the “Book Now” button from the menu above and selecting the right location for you.

Because we have 8 – 10 slots available every day, we can often accommodate a last-minute request for an actor headshots session if you need one. 

Our standard actor headshots session in the studios is 1 hour long. This is plenty of time to get a great range of actor headshots. Typically, we achieve about 6 different looks in that time and can include hair up and down, slight makeup changes, etc.

However if you would prefer to have a longer session you can add this for an additional £50 (this does not come off anything you buy)

We even have some male actors shave halfway through, and although this does have an impact on shooting time, it’s a great way to get different looks.

We know it's shorter than many headshot photographers, but the session is not rushed or pressurised. We know what we are aiming to achieve, and once we have it, we move on. 

For siblings, we recommend you book separate actor headshots sessions for each of them. Of course, it may be a good idea to book this back-to-back. While they are being photographed, we will photograph each of them independently and with their sibling.

The images will be split into separate galleries to make it fair for individuals booking sessions.

Yes, of course, and editing like this is included as standard when you order. This also goes for shine, redness, etc. Essentially anything temporary is removed.

Our editing aim is for your actor headshots to look like you “on a good day!”.  We would never want to over edit your actor headshots so that it doesn’t look like you to a casting director.

If there is something specific you would like us to edit, please let us know when you place your order.

In London and Bristol, we have regular weekend as well as evening sessions available. Click “Book Now’ from the menu above to see our next dates.

It’s great when we have more than one actor in for a headshot shoot. How it works is that you book consecutive sessions but come in together.

This means that the two of you would be with us for two hours. Three for three hours, etc. Of course, you still get your own private gallery, but it can be great fun to come with a friend, and we often get more of a range of headshots. 

We will get your order edited as soon as possible. Typically, it can be about five working days, depending on how many orders we are working on at any one time. 

Of course. Whether you buy 1 or 20 actor headshots from your session, it’s entirely up to you. We get lots of people coming to us because they’ve had a new haircut, want images with a beard, or try a different look.

A “look” is a particular setup for a headshot. It can be a background style, a change in lighting, or an outfit change (or all three!). During the session, we will aim to get you as many looks as possible to give you a wide range in your actor headshots. 

Our Bristol studio is right in the middle of Bristol on Park Row (BS1 5LJ). Tara, the Cocker Spaniel, loves shoot days here as she gets lots of fuss!! (If you are not that keen on dogs, she is quite happy to go to bed). 

Our Birmingham headshot studio is based in the Lampworks in the Jewellery Quarter. Its an amazing space close to the City Centre. 

The address is The Lampworks, 3 Key Hill Dr, Birmingham B18 5NY There is even parking outside! 

Yes, we do! During the year, we photograph actor headshots at Drama Schools throughout the UK. Often when we do this, we will also open up ‘pop up’ studios offering our “Buy What You Love” sessions.

Check out our socials of these dates. If you organise headshots at your drama school, we would love to hear from you! Call Helen on 07810 004451. We’ll manage everything for you. 

We actually prefer to shoot in the studio. It's warmer, no wind, no one stares, and we can control the light. We do have some looks that appear to be outside, but it’s all done from the warmth of our studios. 

Sorry, our pricing is designed to be as competitive as possible. We only charge for the images you love with no paying in advance, and if you don’t like the photos, you are under no obligation to buy any. We can’t bring the prices down anymore. 

The simple answer is lots!!! We have a full guide here: https://www.lumosia.com/what-to-wear-to-a-headshot-photo-session/ Our best advice for what to bring is a range of tops, t-shirts, jumpers, and jackets (plus jeans and footwear if you would like full-length shots).

Mid-tones such as red’s, oranges, browns, and green’s work so well in giving a warm tone to your actor headshots. Try and bring a range that suits your skin tone as well as jackets, coats, etc., to create different looks.

By all means, bring a black t-shirt, just make sure that that is not all you bring!

We recommend natural make up for your headshot shoot. You can always change it throughout the shoot but remember that you should look like you in your headshots (albeit on a good day!). 

Our studios are set up so that we can switch looks quickly. This means that during most actor headshots sessions, we can create between 4-6 different looks. I also advise you to bring lots of changes of clothes which significantly adds to the variety we can create.

Here’s a link to an article on our blog about what to bring https://www.lumosia.com/what-to-wear-to-a-headshot-photo-session/

We are more than happy to take a few with glasses on but recommend leaving them off for most of the shoot. Casting Directors want to see what you look like. If they are casting for the new Gladiator film, you probably won’t be wearing glasses in that role!  

Non-Performers always think that actors, etc., all love to be photographed. We know this isn’t true. We aim to create a super relaxed atmosphere with great music and chat to help you through the shoot. However bad you think you are, we have seen worse and will help you throughout the process! 

Of course, you can. There is a full-length mirror too for checking hair, makeup, etc. We also have iPhone chargers, which prove very handy quite often. 

After your shoot, we will put most of the images taken in the session online in unedited format (we only remove blinking and unflatering shots). The gallery is live for a week for you to choose your favourites and put your order through.

The system allows you to create favourite lists, share the galleries with your agent, friends, etc. When you are ready, you can just put your favourites into the shopping cart and pay for us to receive the order.  

It’s a great idea to ask your agent which are their favourite of your actor headshots. They should know what images represent you best. Of course, you should have your own opinion too as it's your face on them, but it's best to get opinions from your agent, friends, etc.

Simply forward the email we send you with the link to your gallery to whoever you would like to see the images.  They can create their own set of favourites and share those favourites with you. 

Our editing is as natural as possible. Your actor headshots should still look like you when you walk into a casting. However, we will make sure that the images look like you “On a Good Day”. We remove blemishes, reduce tired eyes, remove stray hairs, etc.   

Yes, we do. All our actor headshots are presented in full colour, and you can get copies of all your photos in our signature Black and White for just £20 for all images. 

Sorry, we only release edited versions of our work.